Behind the founding of the Tetrimäki Furniture Factory is a Christian community, which worked after the Second World War helping children. The German Lutz Reinhardt visited Tetrimäki with his family for the first time in 1966 at the age of 14. He returned to Finland in the 1970s and was enthusiastic about woodwork at Tetrimäki. He started his studies of art and design, and was certified as a Master Carpenter. In 1984 Reinhardt started his furniture factory and made a contract for the manufacture of Eliel Saarinen’s furniture with exclusive rights. Two basic elements of craftsmanship cherished by Lutz Reinhardt were beauty and quality. That is why he called his factory ”The Factory of Beautiful Design”. The factory of Tetrimäki Ltd is located in Vehmersalmi in Eastern Finland. Tetrimäki Ltd, owned by Petri Pajumäki, continues the long tradition of Finnish fine carpentry by training new carpenters and master carpenters together with educational institutions. The production is now and continues to be handicraft-intensive. The company has its own sawmill to ensure the availability of first class timber, essential to maintaining the finest quality in carpentry. The company is dedicated to maintaining top quality and preserving the unique heritage of Eliel Saarinen.